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Josephine Dalton (aka Trainer Jo) is a Las Vegas personal trainer and fitness weight loss specialist. She specializes in body sculpting for women via HICT and HIIT training modalities (high intensity circuit training and high intensity interval training) and bodyweight training. She is the creator of the Boot’ilates Workout (a fusion of mat Pilates, Barre and bootcamp) and author of many ebooks including the 702 Bombshell Diet Plan & The Vegas Poolside Bikini Diet. Josephine is an official Livestrong.com and eHow.com Fitness Presenter and is active in the Bodyspace.com community helping promote safe and “sane” weight loss.

Featured Success Story


Get in the best shape of her life and start entering bikini contests.

Prescribed Program:
Trainer Jo’s All Natural Bikini Prep Program

20 lbs in 10 weeks. Nikki then entered her first one and won 3rd place and some cash!

Starting Stats:
Weight: 173-lbs
Measurements: 41.75-34-43.5

10th Week Stats:
Weight:  145-lbs
Measurements:  40-30-40

What is Trainer Jo’s All Natural Bikini Program
it’s a bikini body body sculpting program that incorporates a diet 100% free of manufactured foods.

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